Thursday, March 23rd

7:45-8:45 am – NeBA Meet & Greet at State Capitol

Join members of the Nebraska Bicycling Alliance for a meet and greet before making your way to the hotel for the rest of the day’s events!

7:30 – 9:00 – Registration, Embassy Suites Hotel

9:15  Plenary Session – the Topeka Story

During the last 6 years,the City of Topeka, KS has quietly transformed itself into a very bicycle friendly community.  Hear the story of how advocates came together with a supportive city council member, Public Works department and planning consultant to create change in the short term while working on a long term plan the promises an even bigger transformation.  Panelists: Karen Hiller, Karl Fundenberger, Taylor Ricketts and Marty Shukert. Moderated by Julie Harris

10:45 – Breakout Sessions

Scofflaw Cycling Research:

Dr. Daniel Piatkowski from the UNL Department of Regional and Community Planning will present the findings of his research with Lesley Marshall & Aaron Johnson:  Promoting Bicycling in the Face of “Bikelash” – Why cyclists break the law, and what it means for encouraging active transportation. Over 18,000 bicyclists took the survey on which this research is based.

Dan Piatkowski- University of Nebraska- Lincoln  I am an Assistant Professor of Community and Regional Planning at UNL. My research focuses on how active modes of transportation can impact communities: making them safer, healthier, and happier. Prior to entering academia I worked as a planner in Northern New Mexico and in the bicycle industry in Colorado. I’ve been involved in bike advocacy for about the last 15 years across the US, most recently as a member of the Board of Directors for the Savannah Bicycle Campaign in Savannah, GA. I am also a regular bike commuter, and can occasionally be spotted at the tail-end of a local cyclocross race.

Making Comunities More Walkable, Lessons and Insights From the Field and From Our Communities:

The Nebraska Walkable Comunities Initiative is bringing communities together to increase walking, biking, active living, and overall health. Join key leaders on the project as they tell the stories of success and reflect on lessons learned.

Brian Coyle- MPH

Brian Coyle is the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Program’s Physical Activity Coordinator. He works closely with the Diabetes Program and the Heart Disease and Stroke Program to provide outreach, training and education, technical assistance and grants management for the promotion of physical activity. Brian serves as the DHHS Project Lead for the Nebraska Walkable Communities Initiative that is currently helping to facilitate community action planning and implementation locally in 10+ communities statewide. Plus, his area of expertise is also in school health, healthy child care facilities and worksite/employee wellness. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Science from Briar Cliff University in 2002 and his Masters in Public Health from Des Moines University in 2007. In his off time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife Mandy and their three children: Owen, Liam and Amelia.

Amy L. Roberts- MPH

Amy Roberts is a Health Educator at the Central District Health Department in Grand Island, NE. She earned her Master of Public Health from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health, with a concentration in Health Promotion. Prior to joining the Central District Health Department, Amy completed a year with AmeriCorps at the Siouxland District Health Department in Sioux City, IA where she worked on issues related to childhood obesity and childhood wellness. She also completed an internship with Live Well Omaha Kids in Omaha, NE where she continued her work with child and family wellness. 

While at the Central District Health Department, Amy received a fellowship with the America Walks, Walking College Program. During this program, she completed a six week walking advocate educational course and an independent study project. As part of team, Amy was also selected to attend the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors Walkability Action Institute in Atlanta, GA in the spring of 2016. Her current work duties include initiatives to improve community walkability, physical activity, healthy food retail, and healthy vending.

Heather Easton is a Health Educator from Two Rivers Public Health Department  which covers the South Central Counties of Buffalo, Dawson, Franklin Gosper, Harlan, Kearney, and Phelps Counties.  She has been active in many different aspects of public health, such as beginning medication take backs in Central Nebraska, obesity reduction programs in children and many more.  Heather is also an avid walker and biker, which helps to drive her passion for this project.  In her spare time, Heather leads an active lifestyle with her dogs and can usually be found near a body of water on a paddleboard.

Bicycle Tourism:

Alex Duryea- Nebraska Tourism Commission

Hear from Alex Duryea, Ag/Eco Tourism Consultant with the Nebraska Tourism Commission and Vince Asta from Ponderosa Cyclery and Tour to find out what Nebraska is doing to promote bicycle tourism across the state.  Vince will also discuss what he’s learned leading bike tours throughout the state.

Alex Duryea is the Ecotourism Consultant at the Nebraska Tourism Commission. He works with Nebraska communities and landowners to provide assistance and promote ecotourism activities. Alex is also a proud hoarder of many two wheeled human propelled hunks of aluminum and steel. Occasionally eats dirt, especially of the Nebraska kind.

Vince Asta, Ponderosa Cycling & Tours – Runs a neighborhood bikes shop located in the heart of Omaha, and on the weekends gets out to explore as much of the Midwest as possible.

 12:00 – Keynote Speaker – Strong Towns, Chuck Mahron

Charles Marohn – known as “Chuck” to friends and colleagues – is a Professional Engineer (PE) licensed in the State of Minnesota and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Chuck is the Founder and President of Strong Towns. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Institute.

He is the author of Thoughts on Building Strong Towns (Volume 1) and A World Class Transportation System as well as the host of the Strong Towns Podcast and a primary writer for Strong Towns’ web content. He has spoken in dozens of towns and cities across North America, and speaks regularly for diverse audiences and venues.

1:45 –  Breakout Sessions

Nebraska Bike/Ped Crash Data Analysis:

This session is for anyone that has ever wondered where, when and how crashes involve people biking and walking happen.  Thanks to a couple of detail oriented data aficionados, Chris St. Pierre and Lacey Matney Sortman, you’ll learn more about the trends in Nebraska than you could ever imagine!

Chris St. Pierre  – Chris is a software engineer and transportation cyclist who is happiest in the saddle and grumpiest at a computer. After getting hit while riding in March 2015, he started collecting data from LPD, the Nebraska Department of Roads [sic], and the Lincoln City Planning Department to create and maintain an exhaustive set of reports on driver-cyclist collisions in Lincoln. The reports have been used to support cyclist right-of-way in the legislature and open data laws in the Lincoln City Council.

Lacey Matney Sortman, UNO School of Public Administration Graduate 2016 – Master of Science Urban Studies – Inspired by the work of Mode Shift Omaha, Lacey focused on Vision Zero principles to complete her capstone coursework at University of Nebraska-Omaha in 2015-2016. Her perpetual confusion at unnecessary bureaucracy and lack of free moving data motivated the online publishing of her analysis tools showing pedestrian and cyclist accidents in Nebraska. She believes that the community should have easy access to data about their neighborhoods and that data sharing is a simple action to show support for the good work of kickass Nebraskans. Lacey is currently working in the Portland, Oregon metro through Portland State University’s Hatfield Resident Fellowship.

Bike Share Systems:

Bike sharing is taking the world by storm, and Nebraska is no exception. No two systems are the same. Hear from Ben Turner, executive director of Heartland B-Cycle about what’s going on in Omaha (and soon to be Lincoln!) and Karl Fundenberger from Topeka Metro Bike Share to learn the method to their radness.

Benjamin F. Turner -Benjamin F. Turner received his Bachelor of Arts in History from Hamilton College (named after founding father Alexander Hamilton) in 2005. Moving to Colorado in 2006, Ben received his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Denver in 2008. At the start of 2011, Ben became Sales, Marketing & Communications Manager at Denver Bike Sharing, owner and operator of Denver B-cycle. Since December of 2013 Ben has run the B-cycle program in Omaha overseeing expansion from 5 stations and 33 bikes to present day which has 33 stations and 185 bikes, spinning the program off from Live Well Omaha into Heartland Bike Share in the process. Ben has also worked with MAPA and the City of Omaha to secure grant funding to expand the system by 36 stations and 150 bikes.

Karl Fundenberger, Metro Bike Share, Topeka – Karl takes the bus, the car, the skateboard, or the bike to work – and thinks you should have those choices, too.

Safe Routes to School:

Kids walking and biking to school was the norm a generation ago; not so much today.  This session will focus on successful efforts to reverse the trend in Nebraska.  Natalie Kingston speaks from the perspective of a program coordinator and Abby Hughes from that of a researcher. This workshop gives you an opportunity to learn from previous work but to also help the Nebraska Walkable Communities Initiative explore what’s next for Safe Routes in Nebraska.

Abby Hughes, DHHS Intern / UNMC Public Health Student – Abby is a UNMC Public Health student intern with Nebraska DHHS on their Safe Routes to School efforts. Her focus is rebooting the Safe Routes program in Nebraska communities through researching best practices and developing non-infrastructure programs. Abby’s background includes working with the Lawrence-Douglas County Kansas health department on Safe Routes to School and tobacco cessation efforts, as well as a variety of nonprofit work focused in food insecurity, nutrition and overall healthy community development. In addition to her work with Safe Routes, Abby is also the Operations Coordinator at Nonprofit Association of the Midlands.

Natalie Kingston, Department of Health & Human Services, SR. Community Health Educator – Natalie Kingston is a Senior Community Health Educator with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Men’s and Women’s Health, Lifespan Health Unit. Before transitioning to the State over a year ago, Natalie worked at the local public health level for Public Health Solutions District Health Department for 10 yrs. During her time at PHS, Natalie spearheaded several programs in the areas of childhood obesity prevention, physical activity, food access to fresh fruits & vegetables, healthy vending, walkability, worksite wellness and the National Diabetes Prevention Program. Natalie is here today to speak in particular about her time at PHS implementing four consecutive years of Safe Routes to School funding within 12 + rural communities and installation of BOLTAGE units in two additional communities. Natalie received her Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in Health Education with a Specialization in Public Relations. She interned at Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, then was hired by the Douglas County Health Department where she worked for 5 years as a Community Health Educator and then Epidemiologist before moving to Crete, NE.

The Kingston’s have now relocated back to their home town of Springfield, Nebraska to be near family. Natalie has been married to her grade school sweetheart, Kirk for 28 years. They have three children Natasha 23, Noah 20 and Evan 16. In her free time, Natalie enjoys attending her kid’s activities and sporting events, decorating, power shopping and catching an occasional HGTV show.

3:15 – Breakout Sessions

Trails, Trails, Trails:

One thing cities across Nebraska, big AND small, seem to agree on is this: trails rock!  Trails are extremely popular, but also take an enormous amount of planning and patience behind the scenes.  This session will introduce you to three trail building champions who will fill you in on all of their secrets to getting more trails built:  Eric Williams from Papio-Missouri NRD, Todd Saylor from Trails Have Our Respect and Ron Fowler from the Johnson Lake trail system group.  

Ron Fowler,  Johnson Lake Trails Committee – Ron Fowler, from Johnson Lake, Nebraska. Ron retired in 2009 after 33 years with an automotive parts manufacturer in Kearney, Nebraska.  In retirement, Ron and his wife moved to Johnson Lake where he soon became involved with the Johnson Lake Trails Committee. Ron say’s that working on building and maintaining the trail at Johnson Lake has been exactly what he was looking for in retirement.  In addition to his work on the Johnson Lake Trail, Ron serves on the Board of Directors and is the Nebraska State Coordinator for the American Discovery Trail Society. Ron is an avid cyclist and enjoys touring by bicycle. Since retirement, he has completed rides on the C&O Towpath, the Katy Trail, and the Golden Circle in Alaska, in addition to the Tour de Nebraska and day rides on many Nebraska Trails.

Todd Saylor, Trails Have Our Respect – A life long bicyclist, Todd has been riding trails since before there were mountain bikes. In 2010, he and his son Ian joined Omaha DEVO, a summer mountain biking development program. In 2015, Todd was elected as president of THOR and began planning and advocating for mountain biking experiences across Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Eric Williams,  Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District – Eric Williams is from Omaha originally, graduated from Rice University with a degree in Civil Engineering, and is the Natural Resources Planner at the Papio-Missouri River NRD. He is the project manager for bicycle and pedestrian trails, focused on providing recreation, active transportation, and access to natural resources. The NRD began work on trails near urban stormwater corridors, and Eric also oversees stormwater projects along creeks and streams.

His career and community work are both focused on sustainability, energy efficiency, and clean energy. In 2008, he co-founded the Omaha Biofuels Cooperative, “to produce, use, and promote biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels.” In 2014, he installed a 3,000 W solar electric system on his home in Dundee. When not on a bicycle, he drives an all-electric Nissan Leaf with the license plate SOLAR EV to help share information about resource conservation in our transportation system.

Vision Zero:

Attend this session to learn about a national movement to eliminate all crash deaths from our roads.  Angie Eikenberry of Mode Shift Omaha will speak about a coalition that is forming in Omaha to create a Vision Zero policy, Fred Zwonechek from the Nebraska Department of Roads will discuss the state’s “Towards Zero Deaths” plan, and Pell Duvall will discuss what is happening on the national level.

Angie Eikenberry, Mode Shift Omaha, Chair (also UNO, Professor) -Angie is one of the founding members of Mode Shift Omaha and user of all modes of transportation. When she is not doing transportation advocacy work, she is a Professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Pell Duvall, Omaha Bikes –  A Maryville, Missouri native, Pell grew up riding a blue Huffy all around his hometown, but as the beautiful white tires wore down, he opted to walk or drive through high school and college. Later inspired by his Oregonian 60+ year old employer who to work nearly every day, it was here where Pell rekindled his love of bicycles.  He received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Truman State University and has worked in healthcare and business project management prior to joining Omaha Bikes as Executive Director.

Pell previously served as President of Omaha Bikes’ board of directors is a founding partner of the organization. He is also a founding board member of Mode Shift Omaha, co-chair of the Omaha Bike Network Committee, as well as serving on Omaha Complete Streets Stakeholder Committee, Bus Rapid Transit Stakeholder Committee, Heartland 2050 Infrastructure Committee, and Citizen’s Academy Stakeholder Committee.

Fred Zwonechek, NDOR Highway Safety Office – Fred Zwonechek – Nebraska Highway Safety Administrator, the nation’s longest serving State Highway Safety Administrator. Directs the NHTSA federal highway safety grant program for the State of Nebraska. Has served on the Governors Highway Safety Association’s Executive Board, as well as many other local, state, and national traffic safety-related advisory councils and committees. Also served as Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Participates on state peer review assessment teams for alcohol, traffic records, and underage drinking programs throughout the country. Attended Nebraska Wesleyan and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been inducted into the Nebraska Safety and Health Hall of Fame.

Worksite Wellness Success Stories:

Employers know that healthy employees are happier, more productive employees and many are turning to programs that encourage active transportation and walking programs as a means to that end.  This session will focus on successful programs currently making a difference. Speakers include Jessica Davies from Panhandle Health Solutions and Laura Feyerherm from Wellcom in Omaha.

Jessica Davies, Assistant Health Director – Jessica Davies is the Assistant Health Director with Panhandle Public Health District and oversees the Panhandle Worksite Wellness Council. Her over 13 years of experience at the health district has afforded her many opportunities to become adept in the development and implementation of evidence-based programming at all socio-ecological levels. She has extensive experience with grant administration and is trained to facilitate utilizing nationally recognized participatory group processes.

Davies provides ongoing technical assistance to worksites through an evidence-based process, reinforcing environmental and policy strategies. She helped bring the Panhandle Worksite Wellness Council to fruition which provides significant benefit and ongoing resources to organizations throughout the Panhandle region reaching over 20% of the employed population.

Davies is a certified group fitness instructor and co-owner of a non-profit fitness center, The Body Shop, providing fitness opportunities for the Hemingford community where she teaches kickboxing, circuit, and POUND Fit (exercise through drumming). She makes her home outside of Hemingford with her husband Adam and their three children – Avery 11, Berkley 6, and Daxton 5.

Laura Feyerherm, WELLCOM Grant Manager – Laura Feyerherm earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and her Master’s Degree in Fitness and Wellness Management from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Laura has been a part of the Douglas County Putting Prevention to Work initiative since 2010, which focuses on increasing access to healthy food and physical activity within organizations through policies and environment support. Her primary focus is on implementing healthy vending, walkability and supporting active transportation at the workplace. This enables her to promote a physical and cultural environment at the organizational level to help improve the health of our community.

4:15 – Pep Talk From Mayor Rita Sanders (Bellevue, NE)

Mayor Sanders, an avid cyclist herself, will be speaking to attendees on the importance of the work we are doing across Nebraska. Prepare to be inspired!

5:00 – Mobile Tours

Join us for a short (5 miles) or long (15-18 miles) mobile tour of downtown Lincoln

7:00 – After Party/Gold Sprints

Method Cycles and Craft House, 416 S 11th

Friday, March 24th

8:00 am – Media Training (invite only)

Kurt Goetzinger, Omaha Advertising and Celann LaGreca, LaGreca Group

8:30 – Mobile Tour of downtown Lincoln bike/ped infrastructure  (Meet in lobby, ready to walk at 8:30. In case of inclement weather, this session will be held inside via slideshow/video.)

10:00 – Pick one:

Creating Change and Taking Action: Using Small Group Facilitation to Strengthen Your Success

Join Jeremy Grandstaff, a collaboration and strategic planning consultant and the process manager for the Nebraska Walkable Comunities initiative, as he highlights some skills, approaches, and methods of small group facilitation that are changing communities and organizations by tapping into the wisdom already in the room. Learn some tricks of the trade, hear about client successes, and even get an opportunity to practice and apply what you have learned .

 Jeremy Grandstaff, Collaboration and Organizational Consultant

As a co-founder of S & G Endeavors , Jeremy brings a list of assets to all projects through his deep understanding of group dynamics and collaborative planning initiatives, comprehensive understanding of organization development, and his personal experience as a blind person achieving the highest level of advocacy objectives. He has served as the lead consultant on hundreds of client engagements that include retreat facilitation, organization coaching, merger facilitation, campaign training, blended collaborative strategic planning, and long-term change initiatives. Clients with which he has worked include Nebraska Health and Human Services, American Public Health Association, Nebraska Walkable Communities Initiative, Alliance for Biking and Walking, Georgia Bikes, California Bicycle Coalition, and America Walks. 

Jeremy’s education and background include a master’s degree in organization development and BS in Management Information Systems as well as leadership positions with Alliance for Biking & walking and IBM Global Services. Jeremy had the opportunity to intern with Kathy Dannemiller and Roland Loup, both pioneers of whole-scale change — a collaborative strategic planning process that engages the organization in a more complete vision and tactical plan. Jeremy has also been formally trained in small-group facilitation by the Training for Trainers Cooperative and is qualified to lead such education for other trainers. Finally, Jeremy is also a partner of NEXUS4change, a collective that convenes change agents to share best practices, learn from each other, and transform the world through collaborative dialog.

Download Jeremy’s full portfolio or read about various groups he has worked with from LinkedIn or by visiting the SGE Blog.

Effective Local Advocacy and Message Framing

Julie Harris, Nebraska Bicycling Alliance – Julie Tuttle Harris earned a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and Economics from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and a Masters in Public Administration from University of Nebraska at Omaha. 

A native of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Julie grew up in a neighborhood that made it safe and easy to walk and bike to school from kindergarten through her senior year of high school. Her first bike was a used purple Schwinn with a banana seat and a white handlebar basket from Sonny’s Bike Shop.  Until the glamour of a driver’s licenses intervened, Julie and her friends navigated around town via bicycle during the summers. 

Although she is most passionate about using her commuter bike for transportation, Julie enjoys getting out on the open road with her road bike and has managed to crash her mountain bike into trees on more than one occasion.   

Julie is a member of several local and state organizations, steering committees and working groups that focus on active transportation and Complete Streets issues. She is a member of the board of directors for Heartland B-Cycle and the former chair of the City of Omaha Mayor’s Active Living Advisory Committee, a bicycle safety Certified Instructor with the League of American Bicyclists. Her favorite job of all is being a mom of two amazing daughters with husband, Jeff.

Curtis Bryant, Metropolitan Community College – A longtime activist and transportation advocate, Curtis Bryant’s mind was blown several years ago by a book called Don’t Think of an Elephant! and hasn’t shut up about framing since. When not working at a community college or calling Congress, you can find him riding his bike around Omaha’s Benson neighborhood, at the Y, or planning his next adventure.

11:30 – Wrap Up: A Challenge, A Celebration, and A Send Off

12:00 – Nebraska Bicycling Alliance Annual Meeting